Jul - Sep 2015 //

Secret Scoop

UI / UX / Web development

A website redesign that aimed to update the functionality and provide a more user friendly interface for a Bay Area food start-up.

In collaboration with Funn Fisher

Design Goals
Update look & feel of old website
Create a simple user experience
Improve site responsiveness
Our Users

We began the redesign process by researching how the site was currently being used and developing personas based on user surveys and qualitative user testing of the old site. Preliminary user testing helped us decide to focus on a responsive website, instead of additionally designing a mobile app.

Design - Low-Fidelity Prototyping

Initital designs were quickly sketched on paper and using Balsamiq.

High Fidelity Prototyping

Sketch and Invision were used to generate high-fidelity prototypes based on the lo-fi designs.

Testing assumptions

An interactive prototype built in inVision was used for testing the website with users before web development.

This version for the Secret Scoop website was live for 2 years but as the owners business has shifted slightly, she has taken over management of the site and implemented a new design.