Prior to working on interaction design for XR, I worked on web/mobile UI/UX for a variety of clients and as the principle designer for RatherBe.
I have been making art for over a decade as a means to explore my interests in computational geometry, geometric representation and culture. Selected works are shown here.
My background is in architecture. I have a M.Arch from UC Berkeley and have worked for a variety of interesting design practices that focused on using computational methods, 3D visualization, and sustainable technologies.
May 2018 //
Augmenting Reality

Experiments with AR / MR and Unity

Mar 2018 - Now //
UI-Sandbox WIP

My test environment for developing VR interaction and UI components Unity & Blender.

Feb 2018 - Now //
VR-OS - Coming soon

A spatial operating system interface prototype made with Sketch, Unity & Blender.

Jan 2018 //
Laser Eyes

My first experiment with ARKit.

Oct - Dec 2017 //
A Forest in the Desert

An A-frame based webVR prototype for spatially and chronologically relating and presenting the 2D & 3D content generated over the duration of a large-scale installation art project.

Apr-Jun 2017 //

An experimental world for experiencing music in VR with audio reactive environments.

Sep 2015 - Oct 2016 //
Rather Be

Web & Mobile UI/UX, Visual Design & Brand Development for Rather Be, an action sports media start-up.

Oct - Dec 2016 //
Adapt Oakland

Information Architecture, Web UI/UX, Web Development for a green infrastructure framework developed for the City of Oakland & the California Strategic Growth Council

Jul - Sep 2015 //
Secret Scoop

UI/UX Design and Web Development for a Bay Area food start-up

May - Jul 2015 //

Concept design (UI/UX, Interaction, Product) for a seed stage fitness tracking iOS app.

Apr 2015 //
Pplanter Web

Web UI/UX Design & Web Development for a website that explains the Pplanter, a sustainable street toilet prototype

Aug 2011 - May 2012 //
BCI & the Built Environment

UC Berkeley Master of Architecture thesis on using consumer grade Brain Computer Interfacing as an input modality for automated environments.

June 2018 //
Face2Face - Coming soon

Face to Face is an installation art piece that allows the viewer to experience realtime facial analysis, using Unity, ARKit, OpenCV and Amazon Rekognition. It was installed at the Gray Area Foundation in San Francisco in June.

Nov 2016 - Sep 2017 //
Burning Man Temple 2017

Design lead for the 2017 Temple at Burning Man.

Dec 2016 - Mar 2017 //
Bay Bridge Steel Commission

I was the lead artist on an interactive public installation piece built from remediated steel members from the Oakland Bay Bridge

Mar 2017 //
Vaguely Uncomfortable - Coming soon

Proceduarally generating weird shit… because someone has to...

Tessellate - Coming soon

A platformer game where a player needs to collect shapes to form tesselations to progress to the next level.

Jan 2011 - Now //
Line & Form

Graphic art with line and form.