Prior to working on interaction design for XR, I worked on web/mobile UI/UX for a variety of clients and as the principle designer for RatherBe.
I have been making art for over a decade as a means to explore my interests in computational geometry, geometric representation and culture. Selected works are shown here.
My background is in architecture. I have a M.Arch from UC Berkeley and have worked for a variety of interesting design practices that focused on using computational methods, 3D visualization, and sustainable technologies.
May 2018 //
Augmenting Reality

Experiments with AR / MR and Unity

Mar 2018 - Now //
UI-Sandbox WIP

My test environment for developing VR interaction and UI components Unity & Blender.

Feb 2018 - Now //
VR-OS - Coming soon

A spatial operating system interface prototype made with Sketch, Unity & Blender.

Jan 2018 //
Laser Eyes

My first experiment with ARKit.

Oct - Dec 2017 //
A Forest in the Desert

An A-frame based webVR prototype for spatially and chronologically relating and presenting the 2D & 3D content generated over the duration of a large-scale installation art project.

Apr-Jun 2017 //

An experimental world for experiencing music in VR with audio reactive environments.

Sep 2015 - Oct 2016 //
Rather Be

Web & Mobile UI/UX, Visual Design & Brand Development for Rather Be, an action sports media start-up.

Oct - Dec 2016 //
Adapt Oakland

Information Architecture, Web UI/UX, Web Development for a green infrastructure framework developed for the City of Oakland & the California Strategic Growth Council

Jul - Sep 2015 //
Secret Scoop

UI/UX Design and Web Development for a Bay Area food start-up

May - Jul 2015 //

Concept design (UI/UX, Interaction, Product) for a seed stage fitness tracking iOS app.

Apr 2015 //
Pplanter Web

Web UI/UX Design & Web Development for a website that explains the Pplanter, a sustainable street toilet prototype

Aug 2011 - May 2012 //
BCI & the Built Environment

UC Berkeley Master of Architecture thesis on using consumer grade Brain Computer Interfacing as an input modality for automated environments.

Nov 2016 - Sep 2017 //
Burning Man Temple 2017

Design lead for the 2017 Temple at Burning Man.

Mar 2017 //
Vaguely Uncomfortable - Coming soon

Proceduarally generating weird shit… because someone has to...

Jan 2011 - Now //
Line & Form

Graphic art with line and form.